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Sea Dragons of Avalon – Palaeontological Association Review Seminar

Well, my flight, hotel and annual leave (!) are booked and I’m looking forward to attending the upcoming Palaeontological Association Review Seminar: Sea Dragons of Avalon, taking place next week (Friday 31st July) in Street, Somerset, UK. Although I posted details on my website months ago ( and despite my best intent, I never got around to plugging it here.

New plesiosaur mount unveiled at plesiosaur mini-symposium, Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Centre

The unveiling of a new plesiosaur mount formed the highlight of a Mini-Symposium dedicated to plesiosaurs, held at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Centre, USA, last month (25 February 2006). Five Speakers presented talks at the event, discussing their research into plesiosaurs in the USA (pictured below alongside the new mount).