New plesiosaur mount unveiled at plesiosaur mini-symposium, Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Centre

The unveiling of a new plesiosaur mount formed the highlight of a Mini-Symposium dedicated to plesiosaurs, held at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Centre, USA, last month (25 February 2006). Five Speakers presented talks at the event, discussing their research into plesiosaurs in the USA (pictured below alongside the new mount). The plesiosaur on display was discovered in the Pierre Shale of Wyoming in the 1970s and has been identified as Dolichorhynchops bonneri (pictured below). However, there is a debate as to the identity of the postcranial material – maybe it is actually Polycotylus?

Symposium speakers
The five symposium speakers stand alongside the new plesiosaur mount. Left to right – Dr Glenn Storrs, Mike Everhart, the Dolichorhynchops, Bruce Schumaker, Mike Triebold (owner of the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Centre), Dr Ken Carpenter, Dr Larry Martin.

Dolichorhynchops mount
…and the whole plesiosaur. (both photographs courtesy of Anthony Maltese)

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