Sea Dragons of Avalon – Palaeontological Association Review Seminar

Well, my flight, hotel and annual leave (!) are booked and I’m looking forward to attending the upcoming Palaeontological Association Review Seminar: Sea Dragons of Avalon, taking place next week (Friday 31st July) in Street, Somerset, UK. Although I posted details on my website months ago ( and despite my best intent, I never got around to plugging it here. In fact, Plesiosaur News has been worryingly neglected recently and it’s not because of lack of things to say – I will catch up with some recent news stories and new papers shortly.

Luckily, the trusty Darren Naish provided some fine publicity for the Sea Dragons event over at Tetrapod Zoology (twice in fact, here and here) so the turnout should be very good. I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about and plenty of photos to post on my return!

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