Six more years of new plesiosaur toys (2018–2023)

I need to catch up on several more years of new plesiosaur models. The notable new company on the block is PNSO, the Peking Nature-Science Organisation, although having pushed out an impressively prolific catalogue of prehistoric animal models, to date they have produced only one commercially available plesiosaur figure, a Kronosaurus in 2021. That figure was reviewed by Bokisaurus on my Dinosaur Toy Blog site.

PNSO Kronosaurus

CollectA produced an Elasmosaurus in 2021. That toy was also reviewed by Bokisaurus who’s detailed review includes a cameo of my children’s picture book published the same year.

CollectA Elasmosaurus

The release of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom saw Mattel create an extensive line of action figures, including the first ever ‘Jurassic Franchise’ plesiosaur action figures. There is small Plesiosaurus in several slightly different colour variants. For example, the ‘Battle Damage’ variant was reviewed by Faelrin on the DinoToyBlog.

Mattel Plesiosaurus

One of the biggest and most impressive Mattel figures is the ‘Gigantic Trackers’ Elasmosaurus, reviewed by Suspsy on the DinoToyBlog. A mini version of it was also released as part of the ‘Dino Trackers Minis’ line, and that was reviewed by Faelrin.

Mattel Elasmosaurus
Mattel mini Elasmosaurus

Two big pliosaurs are also in the Mattel line, a Kronosaurus and a Liopleurodon. The Kronosaurus was reviewed by Gwangi but the Liopleurodon hasn’t been featured on the DinoToyBlog yet. I have it so maybe I’ll review it soon.

Mattel Kronosaurus

French company Papo released their second plesiosaur (and first pliosaur) in 2023, a Kronosaurus. This one was reviewed by Fembrogon on the DinoToyBlog. This impressive figure is a massive improvement over their disappointing 2010 Plesiosaurus.

Papo Kronosaurus

German company Schleich released a tepid effort at a Plesiosaurus in 2020, a model that had been a long time coming. That one was reviewed by Takama on the DinoToyBlog.

Schleich Plesiosaurus

There were other non-brand plesiosaur toys and releases from some other smaller companies but these are all the big players, at least.

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