They aren’t toys, they’re ‘museum quality replicas’!

As if running a blog dedicated to plesiosaurs isn’t geeky enough, I admit to being a toy collector as well. It isn’t a secret that I run a second website ( (and forum) dedicated to dinosaur figures, and since launching that site it has become apparent that there is a surprisingly large community of dinosaur toy collectors. I say ‘toys’, but collectors often refer to them as ‘museum quality replicas’ or ‘scale models’, although this is most likely an attempt to justify what is clearly an unhealthy obsession with plastic animals. The majority are far away from ‘museum quality’. While I’m no completest in general, I suppose when it comes to marine reptile figures I am – my apartment is strewn with plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, and mosasaurs.

small marine reptile toys
Small marine reptile figures (click pic for larger image)

With the advent of Ebay and internet stores it has become all too easy for things to get out of hand! As new figures are released every year, we’re doomed to be collecting for eternity. Anyway, I though I’d share these snaps of my marine reptile collection as it stands, for you to admire or mock depending on your point of view!

large marine reptile toys
Large marine reptile figures, and a few oversized books. (click pic for larger image.)

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