The Plesiosaur’s Neck book – out now!

The Plesiosaur’s Neck is here! Today is the official release date for my new children’s book about Poppy Plesiosaur’s unusually long neck. My advance author copies have arrived and it looks absolutely stunning, co-author Jonathan Emmett and I are both delighted with it. The colours pop and the cover gleams! The team at UCLan Publishing have done a wonderful job.

The Plesiosaur’s Neck copies

There will be no physical launch event, that simply isn’t possible with the ongoing restrictions, but that doesn’t stop us from participating in online events. Indeed, Jonathan and I had the opportunity to meet up in person recently, keeping our distance, to do some filming and recording to help promote the book. These will surely be forthcoming soon and we’re also now preparing for online school sessions and other virtual events. Jonathan has sourced or constructed all the props required for the online sessions, including a brilliant plush Poppy, crocheted by his wife, Rachael. He also designed and built an impressive 3-metre-long Poppy puppet for us to use if we ever do get to visit school groups in person. We had fun taking Poppy for a swim around the garden!

Dr Adam S. Smith and Jonathan Emmett, authors of The Plesiosaur’s Neck

Jonathan recently updated his website and has added a page dedicated to The Plesiosaur’s Neck. There you can read all about the book from his perspective, view the book trailer, and download some activity sheets including a fun (and rather tricky) Poppy’s Spot The Difference. While you’re there, check out Jonathan’s other children’s books.

The Plesiosaur’s Neck is now widely available and I’ve compiled a list of store links below this article. I can’t wait for children to read and enjoy the book, and reactions so far have been very positive. Yesterday The Independent selected The Plesiosaur’s Neck as their ‘children’s book of the week’, complimenting it as…

…entertainingly presented and vividly illustrated, marrying the key facts with rhyming asides to keep children fully engaged.

Meanwhile, The Lancashire Post generously described it as…

…a dream read for fact-guzzling young dinosaur fans. The winner by a neck!

Here’s hoping younger readers concur. Thanks to everyone who has bought the book already, and thanks to anyone who buys it in the future. Remember to leave a star rating wherever you bought it, and perhaps write a review if you feel so inclined, it all helps.

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