Plesiosaur to go on display in Scarborough

A four metre long plesiosaur from Yorkshire known as the ‘Speeton Plesiosaur’ after the place where it was discovered, is now fully prepared from the rock and ready to be displayed in the Rotunda Museum in Scarborough, once it opens in 2007. The specimen is unnamed but certainly represents a new species of long-necked plesiosaur. It was temporarily displayed at the University of Hull between the 26th and 28th July, but now awaits permanent display…

Dinocoast News story –

BBC news story –

BBC video featuring Dinosaur Coast Officer Will Watts (I hope the link works) –

Much more on the Speeton plesiosaur at Richard Forrest’s plesiosaur site

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  • A large portion of a plesiosaur was found in the Speeton Clay in 1863 by coprolite miners and was removed for the private collection of the landowner, Lord Londesborough. I don’t at present know what happened to it. This came to light as timbers from a coprolite mine adit have just been exposed at Speeton.

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