New plesiosaur replicas for 2011

A couple of new plesiosaur figures will be released in 2011, both from blossoming company CollectA. As a UK-based company CollectA has a tendency to choose British taxa, sometimes rather obscure ones. So forget Elasmosaurus or Kronosaurus, CollectA have gone out of their way to produce the first ever replica of two wonderful British Jurassic taxa: Rhomaleosaurus and Attenborosaurus.

Rhomaleosaurus was the subject of my PhD project so it’s fantastic to see it turned into a toy. I’ve written a full review of this figure over at the dinosaur toy blog (here)

Rhomaleosaurus CollectA

I’ve discussed my favourite plesiosaur Attenborosaurus here on the blog before, as I’ve been closely involved with the Trinity College cast (see previous posts here and here). Again, it’s great to see a more unusual taxon reproduced in toy form and I’ll review this figure properly soon.

Attenborosaurus CollectA

That’s it for new plesiosaur figures for 2011, but who knows what the future might bring…

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