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Six years of new plesiosaur replicas (2012-2017)

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It is hard to believe that the last time I wrote about plesiosaur toys here was in March 2011, over six years ago ( Since then, many more new plesiosaur figures have hit the shelves, well, online stores – you’ll do well to find any of these toys in actual brick and mortar stores. The least I can do at this stage is summarise some of the latest additions to my ever-growing collection of plesiosaur models over the past several years.

Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd have added two plesiosaurs to their Wild Safari line since they released their Liopleurodon in 2010: an Elasmosaurus (2013) and a Kronosaurus (2017). I was grateful for the opportunity to work closely again with the Safari Ltd sculptors as a consultant on these.


In 2011 I praised CollectA as a “blossoming company” and the CollectA flower has continued to blossom in subsequent years. They have produced four plesiosaurs, including familiar and obscure taxa, Dolichorhynchops (2012), Pliosaurus (2015), Thalassomedon (2016), and Kronosaurus (2017). The company has a reputation for selecting species other than the usual suspects, and for that I’m glad, we have more than enough Elasmosaurus and Liopleurodon already.

Both Safari Ltd and CollectA released a large Kronosaurus in 2017. This presented picky collectors with a difficult choice since both models are very good. CollectA have also released miniature versions of the ‘Deluxe’ size Pliosaurus and their older standard size Liopleurodon as part of their growing series of tube collections.


2014/2015 saw the release of three plesiosaurians by Geoworld in their Sea Reptiles Collection: Kronosaurus, Liopleurodon and Elasmosaurus. They’re nothing special and pretty bad when it comes to accuracy but still irresistible to completists like me. I unboxed the entire Sea Reptiles Collection on the Dinotoyblog Youtube channel if anyone is interested.

Bullyland presented a single plesiosaurian offering in the last half decade: a Liopleurodon with an articulated jaw in 2016. Good to see the German company still in the picture, at least.

Lastly, to round up the group, De Agostini is a newcomer to the world of plesiosaur toys. The Italian company created some particularly cute plesiosaurians as part of their ‘Dinosaurs and Friends’ children’s book series. A family of Plesiosaurus (mummy, daddy and baby) and a father and son pair of Kronosaurus.

That’s not an exhaustive list but it is more than enough to keep collectors on their toes!

Written by Adam S. Smith

July 23rd, 2017 at 4:19 pm

New plesiosaur replicas for 2011

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A couple of new plesiosaur figures will be released in 2011, both from blossoming company CollectA. As a UK-based company CollectA has a tendency to choose British taxa, sometimes rather obscure ones. So forget Elasmosaurus or Kronosaurus, CollectA have gone out of their way to produce the first ever replica of two wonderful British Jurassic taxa: Rhomaleosaurus and Attenborosaurus.

Rhomaleosaurus was the subject of my PhD project so it’s fantastic to see it turned into a toy. I’ve written a full review of this figure over at the dinosaur toy blog (here)

Rhomaleosaurus CollectA

I’ve discussed my favourite plesiosaur Attenborosaurus here on the blog before, as I’ve been closely involved with the Trinity College cast (see previous posts here and here). Again, it’s great to see a more unusual taxon reproduced in toy form and I’ll review this figure properly soon.

Attenborosaurus CollectA

That’s it for new plesiosaur figures for 2011, but who knows what the future might bring…

Written by Adam S. Smith

March 22nd, 2011 at 7:01 pm

They aren’t toys, they’re ‘museum quality replicas’!

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As if running a blog dedicated to plesiosaurs isn’t geeky enough, I admit to being a toy collector as well. It isn’t a secret that I run a second website ( (and forum) dedicated to dinosaur figures, and since launching that site it has become apparent that there is a surprisingly large community of dinosaur toy collectors. I say ‘toys’, but collectors often refer to them as ‘museum quality replicas’ or ‘scale models’, although this is most likely an attempt to justify what is clearly an unhealthy obsession with plastic animals. The majority are far away from ‘museum quality’. While I’m no completest in general, I suppose when it comes to marine reptile figures I am – my apartment is strewn with plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, and mosasaurs.

small marine reptile toys

Small marine reptile figures (click pic for larger image)

With the advent of Ebay and internet stores it has become all too easy for things to get out of hand! As new figures are released every year, we’re doomed to be collecting for eternity. Anyway, I though I’d share these snaps of my marine reptile collection as it stands, for you to admire or mock depending on your point of view!

large marine reptile toys

Large marine reptile figures, and a few oversized books. (click pic for larger image.)

Written by Adam S. Smith

March 16th, 2011 at 12:01 pm

New plesiosaur replicas for 2010

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Several notable plesiosaur figures were released for 2010. Safari Ltd produced a Walking With Dinosaurs inspired Liopleurodon replica and a ‘toob’ containing an array of small marine reptiles and other prehistoric marine critters. Papo produced an unusual Plesiosaurus. These figures are reviewed and photographed  in detail over at The Dinosaur Toy Blog:

Liopleurodon by Safari Ltd
Liopleurodon Wild Safari

Plesiosaurus by Papo
Plesiosaurus Papo

Prehistoric Sea Life ‘Toob’ by Safari Ltd
Prehistoric Sea Life Toob Safari Ltds

Written by Adam S. Smith

May 14th, 2010 at 8:46 pm