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Liopleurodon pachydeirus

According to Tarlo (1960), L. pachydeirus differs from L. ferox in the morphology of its teeth and cervical vertebrae. L. pachydeirus has enamel ridges closely packed on inner surface and 6-7 evenly spaced ridges on outer surface, cervical vertebrae with faint ventral keel (Tarlo, 1960).


Liopleurodon is a pliosaur that hardly needs introduction since appearing as the villain in the BBC’s ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ TV series. This led to popular misconceptions about the size of Liopleurodon, which is known to have reached adult sizes in the region of seven metres long, nowhere near the gargantuan 25m estimate proposed by the …

Book review: Plesiosaur Peril by Daniel Loxton

In Plesiosaur Peril, author Daniel Loxton plunges us into the Jurassic ocean, to recount a day in the life of a baby Cryptoclidus. The book is the third in Loxton’s ‘Tales of Prehistoric Life’ series, which includes the stories Ankylosaur Attack and Pterosaur Troubles. In this short children’s story we follow a juvenile Cryptoclidus and the rest …